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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yay School Lunches (not)

So my elder kids have returned to that minefield knwon as the school lunch room.  This will be the toughest part of the challenge for them I think.  Seeing friends with cookies and fruit gummies and whatnot is going to be tough.

I've always been a bit, shall we say uptight, about my kids lunches.  I have one who hasn't been able to eat chocolate until recently and another who cannot have any "sticky" foods due to dental work.  Therefore we've had to be both restrictive and creative.

I'm also a teacher in my other life so I've seen what other children come to school with.  There are times when those lunch bags are so full they are bursting at the seams.  Even if every choice in there is a good one, for most kids that is way to much food.  Personally I hate food coming home again so I pack a somewhat minimalist lunch.

Their lunches generally consist of a sandwhich or leftovers for their main meal, a piece of fruit, a dairy of some sort (cheese or yoghurt) and a granola bar.  That's it.  Notice no juice.  They each take a re-useable water bottle.  And still some of it comes home.  My kids are both talkers so they often run out of time to finish their lunch lol.

I try my best to keep it healthy and balanced but, yes, the occasional "treat" does make its way in, especially in the post-Hallowe'en weeks.  They would eat about that much if they were home, so why would I give them more to go to school?

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