1 family - 30 days - 0 junk food. Can it be done?????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No one said this would be easy....

No they certainly didn't.

Day 1 of the challenge is in the books and so far so good.  One minor slip up on hubby's part (someone offered him a bite of cinnamon bun and he took it without thinking) but all in all it was great.

We had a small crisis at supper time.  We had been busy painting the bathroom all day and suddenly it was 4:30 without a hint of supper.  I had 3 very hungry children on my hands and very little in the way of options in the fridge/freezer. 

I really need to start planning ahead.

I had some frozen pre-cooked ground beef and all the ingredients to make a pot of chili.  So what if it would have been so much better if I had let it cook all day.  It was still great and was a hit with 2/3 of the children (I have one who refuses to eat anything tomato based).  We didn't eat until 6pm but there were no phone calls to the pizza place, no trips to the fast food joint and no "quick fixes" from the freezer like chicken fingers or fries.

Oh, and I took the chicken out of the freezer so it would be defrosted and ready for the slow cooker in the morning.

The other major hurdle today was one I forgot I would have to deal with this soon.  Every winter, my DH works for a local Junior A hockey team as their public address announcer.  He gets paid $25 a game.  After each game he'll text me with "U want?", to which I, of course, always respond "sure".  He comes home bearing gifts of chips or chocolate and pop.  Tonight he merely texted "game over I'M STARVING", to which I responded "supper is ready and waiting"

Yay us!!!!

29 to go!

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