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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bedtime Snack Yea or Nay???

So I'm way behind, obviously, on my blog posts.  I have a few written and I'm going to post as many as I can tonight but as separate posts as they are on different topics.

I still give my kids bedtime snack.  Or at least I give the 8 year old snack and the baby still gets a bottle before bed.  We cut the 12 year old off on her birthday this year.

At 12, I'm thinking that she no longer requires the extra calories to get her through the night.  Eating after supper is a terrible habit to get into in the first place, and one of my own arch-nemisis'.  In cutting out the bedtime snack, I'm trying to encourage a healthy relationship with food.

My concern is this: am I sending the wrong message??  If she is really and truly hungry, shouldn't she eat?  It's so hard to tell how much is simply habit and how much is genuine need.  She is also coming up on the age where she is going to be doing a lot of growing.  Does she need that extra fuel for that growth?

Agggh....so confused????

Now bedtime snack at our house has always been a bit of a challenge.  I prefer they eat something healthy, like fruit, whole grain bread with pea-butter, or maybe veggies and dip.  My kids however are carb-aholics.  They want crackers or POPCORN.  I don't mind those for after-school snack, when they still need that energy for homework, after-school activities etc.  I can and do say NO, which is sometimes followed by the "Fine, I just won't have anything".  I think they are hoping to wither away in front of my eyes, so that I'll feel so bad that I'll give them whatever they want.  Good luck with that kids!

Its all about wanting them to make good choices, really think about why they are eating and what is going to best fuel them for the next task.

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